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16216 Baxter Rd, Ste. 399
Chesterfield, MO 63017
314-534-0200 Ext. 407
or 877-245-2688

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Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute: Forensic Evaluation Division >> About SLBMI's Forensic Evaluation Division

Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute offers a clinical division dedicated to performing forensic evaluations by our expert clinicians.

All of our clinicians are licensed and experienced and can address your needs and those of your clients with expert mental health evaluations and court ordered psychological evaluations and testimony, when needed.

Our institute has a long and distinguished history of providing quality mental health services nationally, as well as to the St. Louis region. Currently we have over 40 mental health professionals on our staff and we are committed to making this division of forensic mental health services a center of excellence.

Contact Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Forensic Evaluation Division Institute today to find out more about our Expert Court Order Psychological Evaluations and Testimony services.



Saint Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute
Forensic Evaluation Division: Expert Testimony, Trial Consultation, Evaluations & Psychological Testing